First of all, our goal is to let valencian cuisine travel everywhere in the world through our product which gives everyone the opportunity to prepare a quality paella. We are talking about a broth prepared with Santa Pola’s seafood, following our ancestors’ original recipe. A tradition that dates back centuries and with time, proximity and knowledge about the product, it has given us an authentic, natural, high quality and flavorful recipe. Our ‘caldo de caldero de Santa Pola’ is an ideal product for daily consumption. It’s not just an accompaniment, and it’s 100% healthy and suitable for any consumer. The ingredients we use to prepare our Caldero broth are from the Marine Bay of Santa Pola, a place that stands out for its seafood, with outstanding properties.Hablamos de un caldo preparado a partir de pescados y mariscos de Santa Pola, siguiendo la receta original de nuestros ancestros. Una tradición que data de siglos y que, con los años, la proximidad y el conocimiento sobre el producto, nos ha llevado a dar con una receta auténtica, natural, de máxima calidad y un sabor único.

Between these properties we find the high Omega 3 content, which effect in the organism reduces cholesterol and blood triglycerides. This way, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and such. It’s a rich source of magnesium, selenium, fibre, zinc, iodine and other vitamins and minerals that stimulate and regulate the immunologic system and the metabolism. Consequently, it’s a perfect product for athletes and people who carry out a healthy lifestyle. Our fish broth prepared with the traditional caldero de Santa Pola recipe, stands out for offering a 100% natural product, without added salts, conservatives colouring, additives or chemicals to boost its flavour. Try and enjoy the Mediterranean flavour with our products.