August 2022

Fish cauldron

We create our online store

We created our online store to offer the public a key product in Alicante’s gastronomy, with the aim of letting anybody enjoy a gourmet paella in a simple and fast way.
Caldero de pescado (fish rice dish) is, thanks to its tradition and distinctive flavour, the single most popular dish in the region. Its origin, from the Bay of Santa Pola, dates back to around the XVIII century. Back then, fishermen could only prepare certain dishes so this became an icon that has lived on for centuries.
The most interesting part is that caldero de pescado’s recipe is completely different to others. Its preparation is not the same as paella or other rice dishes that have the same ingredients. It’s a gastronomic experience from Alicante full of an explosion of incomparable flavours.
Furthermore, “Caldero de pescado” receives its name due to the cooking pot used for its preparation and later presentation at the table, in Spanish “Caldero”.
But, how did fishermen manage to prepare everything in only one caldero (cooking pot)?
Basically, because the fishermen were so busy with their work, they had to learn to adapt. It was just more convenient to do it all in one pot, getting to create a recipe that nowadays, is incomparable. It can be served as dry or ‘soupy’ rice, and its flavour is intactly conserved.

How was ‘Caldero de pescado’ traditionally made?

The traditional way fishermen used to cook this dish included a special cooking pot (caldero) and a tripod to hang it. The ingredients were picked up during their work routine for its later preparation. In general, the fish used were either moray or john dory fish, being this last one the most used ingredient currently.

John dory fish was washed, cut and seasoned to then leave it to rest for a few minutes. Next, they would make a broth in which were included spicy bell peppers, potatoes, john dory fish, garlic and tomato. The last step was to cook the rice and for that they would use the john dory broth to give it a distinctive flavour.
Nowadays, its elaboration is still handmade, exclusively using fresh products previously selected.
Santa Pola’s Caldero broth is considered a Mediterranean jewel and by far the best and more exquisite of them all. A natural product that offers great health benefits and is born in the Bay of Santa Pola.
With our products we offer you the possibility of preparing a gourmet paella at home and in a very fast and simple way.


Fish from the Bay of Santa Pola

Among the fish in the Bay of Santa Pola we can find monkfish, crustaceans, rascassa, tape… which constitute what is commonly called rock trash from the Bay of Santa Pola.

The art of paella

Paella is a traditional and iconic dish within Spanish gastronomy. To such an extent that it has become one of the essential foods for all families.


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    The traditional form used by fishermen included a cauldron and a tripod where it could be hung. The ingredients were collected from the sea during the task for later preparation. In general, it was prepared with moray eel or chicken, the latter being the most widely used ingredient today.

    Thus, the hen was cleaned, cut and seasoned, and then left to rest for a few minutes. Next, they made a broth in which they included the ñora, potatoes, chicken, garlic, tomato and whatever they had on hand. The last thing was to prepare the rice and for this they used the chicken broth to give it an unmistakable flavor.

    Currently, the elaboration of the Fish Cauldron is still carried out in an artisanal way, using exclusively fresh, previously selected products.

    Such is the case of the Caldo para Caldero de Santa Pola, which is considered the jewel of the Mediterranean and by far the best and most exquisite of all. A natural product that offers great health benefits and is born in the Bay of Santa Pola.

    With our products we offer you the possibility of preparing a gourmet paella at home quickly and easily.

    If you are looking to prepare a paella with great flavor and gourmet style, here we will tell you how to do it just by having Caldo de Caldero de Santa Pola and the right tropezón. You can surprise your guests with these simple steps:

    Ingredients for a gourmet paella:

    • 350 g of rice (For 4 people).
    • Lobster for the trip, if it is frozen better since it is an economical option and ready to use. It can be substituted for any fish, shellfish or shellfish.
    • Cauldron broth from Santa Pola.
    • Extra virgin olive oil.
    • Salt and garlic
    • Nora.
    • Optional add tomato



    • Cut the lobster into pieces. Then cut the garlic and crush it or cut it into slices and set it aside.
    • In a pot or cauldron, add 6 tablespoons of olive oil and make a sauce with the ñora and crushed garlic (and the tomato if you add). You can add bell pepper if you wish.
    • Once the sauce is ready, add the lobster and move to integrate the ingredients.
    • It is time to add the rice.
    • Once everything has been integrated, add a can of Fish and Seafood Cauldron Broth, and half a glass of water (for the 375 gr can, 2 people) or a glass of water (for the 750 gr can, 4 people ).
    • Add salt to taste and cook for 20 minutes.


    In this way, you will have prepared a gourmet paella in a short time and with Caldero de Santa Pola that offers you the best flavor and freshness of the Mediterranean.

    Among the fish from the Bay of Santa Pola used to make the broth, we can find monkfish, crustaceans, rascassa, Cinta… which make up what is commonly called rock trash from the Bay of Santa Pola. These fish provide interesting nutritional properties to the Caldos de Caldero that are prepared with said whitebait, such as:

    • Free of saturated fats.
    • Rich in Omega 3.
    • Vitamins A, D and minerals.
    • Iron.
    • Magnesium.
    • It is a product rich in fiber.
    • Calorie intake of only 38 kcal.


    Grated tomato, ñora, olive oil, garlic and parsley are commonly added to these ingredients.